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 The Westover Market Butcher Shop is proud to provide local, pasture raised, "beyond organic" meats raised without any extra hormones or antibiotics to our customers.  All animals are raised humanely on small family farms throughout Virginia and Maryland.  The Westover Market Butcher Shop is commited to practices that are good for the farmer, the animal, the consumer, and the environment. Beyond the facts that our meats are healthier, more humane, and support the local economy, they honestly just taste better. Come see for yourself!

 The Westover Market Butcher Shop is also a full-service butcher shop specializing in doing custom-cuts and meat preparation. Are you looking for a whole suckling pig or a lamb to roast, or a pork shoulder or a brisket for the smoker? Are you trying to find a special cut of pork to make that one dish you had that one time in Germany, or do you need a batch of special sausages? How about a custom-ground burger blend for the homecoming tailgate? If so, we can help. With enough notice, we can get almost anything you might need, from whole pigs to exotic game (camel burgers, anyone?).To ensure that we can get you exactly what you need, please be sure to order ahead.

-----Also , stop by the Sevice Deli or Beergarden to find out about the Butchershops products on the eat-in & take out menu all day, every day and Sunday Brunch too!!-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


These holidays are coming soon, and the Butcher Shop is going to be offering some very nice fresh grass-finished lamb from Shenandoah Lamb. This collection of small farms in Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania raises some very fine animals with a natural grass diet and no growth hormones. This lamb is lean, tender, and delicious!

Let us know soon what cut you need for your holiday table, and if lamb isn't your favorite, we have plenty of other options for you as well.




 Feeling a bit adventurous? We have just the thing for you in our new freezer section! Located in aisle 3 near the other icy items, we now have a great little selection of game and more exotic offerings. In there now are ducks, duck breasts, foie gras, rabbits, venison, elk, alligator andouille sausages (and a ton of others), pates, mousses, and a all kinds of fun things to try out! Tired of the same old beef, pork, chicken routine? Try Kangaroo!




 The Westover Market Butcher Shop offers beef from Roseda Farm ( Some of you may be familiar with Roseda already - they have a great reputation for their angus beef raised at their Monktown, MD farm and at other affiliated farms in the Mid-Atlantic region. Roseda's cattle are raised on pasture, and eat grass for the majority of their lives, and then are finished on silage and spent grains from the Troegs and Heavy Seas breweries, and their beef is then dry-aged for at least three weeks before we get it. Come by and taste a great piece of beef from a great local producer! These steaks are special.



 We are happy to be partnering with EcoFriendly Foods ( to provide top-notch pork that is among the best in the world. We also use this pork to make our own special bacons. EcoFriendly Foods is a regular presence at DC area farmers markets, and also provides their extraordinary products to many of the best restaurants in the Washington area and in New York. The founder and president of EcoFriendly, Bev Eggleston, has been recognized nationally as one of the greatest forces for good in small agriculture. Come taste some pork that will make you change the way you think about pigs!



 We get our poultry (chickens and turkeys) from Fields of Athenry Farm ( in Purcellville, VA. They raise many of the animals there on their own farm, and partner with other like-minded farmers in the region to provide us with some of the tastiest birds available. Farm owner Elaine Boland is entirely committed to natural farming and to raising the best animals on pasture and without any hormones or antibiotics. Fields of Athenry also provides most of the lamb that we sell - their own cross between Dorset and Suffolk sheep - and it is delicious!

 Planning ahead for the Holidays? We are happy to offer heritage breed Bronze turkeys from Fields of Athenry to make your turkey memorable. The flavor of these birds is extraordinary. Call us or come by to reserve one today!



 Are you looking for something a little more unusual? Something special for a tasting party, or an adventurous Saturday dinner? We are working with Fossil Farms ( to provide a VERY extensive list of exotic meats and game from around the country and around the world. While few of these animals are raised locally, Fossil Farms shares our commitment to providing high-quality meats free of hormones, medications, and preservatives. Bison? Wild boar? Kangaroo? Venison? Yak? Pheasant? Burmese python filets? We can get it for you, and we might even have some already in stock in our freezer section.



Tuesday. - Sat. :  8:30 AM - 7:00PM

Butcher Shop meat available for purchase even when we aren't here! Check the shelves just to the left of the butcher's case to find our fine meats.

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